CyberGuard has developed various services designed to match the FedRAMP process and enable CSPs to prepare for their pursuit of a FedRAMP ATO. Our services include:

  • FedRAMP Readiness Assessment: CyberGuard will conduct the required Readiness Capabilities Assessment to determine your cloud’s readiness for the full FedRAMP assessment.
  • Consulting Advisory: We will advise on system architecture and documentation of the environment and security control implementations. We can also produce a System Security Plan (SSP), Policies and Procedures, and other necessary system documentation.
  • FedRAMP Assessment: CyberGuard will develop the required FedRAMP documentation, including a Security Assessment Plan (SAP), Security Requirements Traceability Matrix (SRTM) to document assessment results, Security Assessment Report (SAR), and recommendation for authorization.
CyberGuard Compliance