Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment

Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment


Vulnerability scanning is increasingly relevant in today’s information technology driven world. As part of the vendor management process, many companies are requesting their vendors undergo vulnerability scans either quarterly or annually. Many clients choose to bundle penetration testing and vulnerability scanning while undergoing another service with our firm (e.g. SOC, PCI, FISMA , etc.). This allows us to build efficiencies into both engagements while reducing fees for our clients.

CyberGuard provides two levels of vulnerability scanning and assessment for network and system resources:

  • External and Internal Network Vulnerability Assessments – CyberGuard will perform vulnerability scanning, analysis, validation to provide a comprehensive report of vulnerabilities across your infrastructure along with detailed remediation guidance.
  • PCI DSS Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) Vulnerability Scans – We work directly with clients to ensure ASV scans meet PCI DSS requirements for vulnerability scanning. Reports designed for easy delivery to your acquirer, the payment brands, and IT for maximum effectiveness.



Our professionals take time and care in preparing our reports. We screen out false positives to allow our clients can focus on the true vulnerabilities and risks posed to your systems. Our risk-based report includes a detailed list of findings, which allows you to begin remediation tasks based on risk and priority.

For additional detailed information regarding SOC for Cybersecurity audits, please download our free overviews through the below links:

Download SOC for Cybersecurity Risk Management 

Download SOC for Cybersecurity Overview