CyberGuard offers compliance audits of IT Systems to determine their compliance with accessibility standards such as Section 508, ADA and WCAG.

Our Accessibility Audits identify and prioritize all accessibilities errors within an IT system; define the method for addressing any issues; and document the system’s overall compliance with Section 508, ADA, and WCAG. Our resulting audit reports can be used to improve system compliance; prepare for Department of Justice (DoJ) audits, and help protect your organization against legal action.

Benefits from CyberGuard Auditing Services:

  • Current accessibility status and compliance rates
  • Reliable, independent analysis using standardized testing methodologies
  • Code-level examples of accessibility errors and recommended solutions
  • A prioritized project plan for addressing issues
  • Remediation assistance for all accessibility related issues
  • Third-party verification of the system’s level of compliance via a VPAT or WCAG Support Statement
CyberGuard Compliance