The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) created an accounting and compliance framework to which public companies must adhere. We have a full suite of SOX compliance solutions for both accelerated and non-accelerated filers. Our approach incorporates the top-down, risk-based approach.

With dozens of turn-key SOX engagements performed by our experienced team, we understand the challenges registrants face in adhering to SOX requirements. We are committed to delivering compliance projects that leave a company’s organization in better shape upon completion than when it started out down the road to compliance. Private companies preparing for an initial public offering or that seek to improve internal controls would also benefit from SOX compliance.

Our cost-effective approach leverages technology to provide an efficient information flow to your management team, the Board, and the external auditors regarding the status of the project and related issues surrounding the internal control environment.

CyberGuard Compliance